Neighborhood Planning Unit-F

Map of NPU-F (pdf)


Monthly Meeting

3rd Monday of each month at the Hillside facility between Courtenay Dr and Monroe Dr. Access is available from 1301 Monroe Dr, opposite the CSO facility on Monroe. Parking is available at the rear of the building off Monroe Dr.

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Variance and Zoning Cases

Variance Cases Zoning Cases/Beltline SAP's
V-11-007 1016 Rosewood Dr  
V-11-011 1074 Reeder Cir  
V-11-013 1325 N Highland   
V-11-013 1325 N Highland Site Plan  
V-11-014 1040 Bellevue Dr  
V-11-017 880 Drewry St  
V-11-018 1714 Pine Ridge   
V-11-026 1916 Wellbourne   
V-11-029 642 Cresthill   
V-11-030 1332 Northview Ave  
V-11-036 663 Elmwood Dr  
V-11-039 1102 Lanier Blvd  
V-11-044 434 Rock Springs Rd  
V-11-052 806 Ponce Pl  
V-11-055 844 Virginia Cir  
V-11-060 920 Highland Ter  
V-11-061 1598 W Sussex  
V-11-065 980 E Rock SPrings Rd  
V-11-068 1198 Zimmer Dr  
V-11-071 1215 E Rock Springs  
V-11-076 871 Arlington Pl  
V-11-080 747 Virginia Cir  
V-11-082 1700 N Pelham   
V-11-092 690 Courtnay Dr Amended Referral Certificate  
V-11-092 690 Courtnay Dr - Hillside  
V-092 690 Courtnay Dr Landscape Plan  
V-11-101 1370 Pasadena  
V-11-105 1131 Reeder Cir  
V-11-108 1095 N Highland   
V-11-109 553 Candler St  
V-11-111 1330 Lanier Blvd  
V-11-113 970 Arcadia St  
V-11-120 1097 Amsterdam   
V-11-123 699, 725 Ponce de Leon  
V-11-124 946 Rosedale Rd  
V-11-126 1470 Monroe Dr  
V-11-128 2060 Arlington Dr  
V-11-133 632-634 Amsterdam   
V-11-137 1002 N Highland   
V-11-138 825 Virginia Cir  
V-11-163 1036 Drewry St. NE  
V-11-184 1700 Johnson Rd

Site Plan

V-11-188 1011 Courtenay Drive

Site Plan



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Last modified: January 23, 2012