Neighborhood Planning Unit-F

Map of NPU-F (pdf)


Monthly Meeting

3rd Monday of each month at the Hillside facility between Courtenay Dr and Monroe Dr. Access is available from 1301 Monroe Dr, opposite the CSO facility on Monroe. Parking is available at the rear of the building off Monroe Dr.

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Variance and Zoning Cases

Variance Cases Zoning Cases/Beltline SAP's
V-12-002 1219 Pasadena Ave

Montage 1   Montage 2

SD-12-008 1790 Lenox Road NE
V-12-006 1146 Cumberland Rd U-12-06 1544 Piedmont Ave NE (Ansley Mall) 
V-12-014 1797 Charline Ave SD-12-014 Rock Spring Subdivision
V-12-019 1732 N Rock Springs Rd SAP-12-122 841 N Highland Food Truck Wednesdays

Site plan

V-12-018 1117 Virginia Ave NE  
V-12-036 695 Cooledge Ave  
V-12-051 1362 Lanier Blvd NE  
V-12-052 1884 Monroe Dr NE Part A

V-12-052 1884 Monroe Dr NE Part B

V-12-057 1666 Noble Drive NE  
V-12-059 688 Cooledge Ave NE  
V-12-061 1646 Johnson Road NE

Part A  

Part B

V-12-065 1146 Cumberland Road NE  
V-12-070 907 Highland View 

Part A 

 Part B

V-12-078 1278 Avalon Place NE  
V-12-082 1364 Northview Avenue NE  
V-12-057 1666 Noble Dr NE  
V-12-079 1850 Lenox Rd NE  
V-12-094 1210 Zimmer Dr NE  
V-12-097 1479 Wessyngton Rd NE  
V-12-098 1325 N Highland Ave  
V-12-105 1179 Cumberland Rd   
V-12-111 1328 Berwick Ave NE  
V-12-112 1645 Meadowdale Ave NE  
V-12-115 790 Wildwood Rd NE  
V-12-118 1135 University Dr NE  
V-12-119 988 Lanier Blvd.   
V-12-127 797 San Antonio Dr  
V-12-130 1398 Northview Ave.  
V-12-134 870 Adair Ave  
V-12-135 880 Virginia Cir NE  
V-12-138 1100 Rosewood NE  
V-12-140 700 Park Dr  
V-12-160 672 Cumberland Rd  
V-12-163 1041 Greencove Ave  
V-12-149 1628 N Pelham Rd  
V-12-156 1139 University Ave  
V-12-171 938 E Rock Springs Rd  
V-12-172 1029 Bellevue Dr  
V-12-174 982 Courtenay Dr NE  
V-12-176 1400 Monroe Dr  
V-12-179 1171 Rosedale Dr  
V-12-180 1250 Pasadena Ave  
V-12-182 2035 Manchester NE  
V-12-194 1189 Reeder Cir  
V-12-196 1814 Windermere Dr  
V-12-199 950 Cardova Dr  
V-12-201 898 Kings Court  
V-12-209 815 San Antonio Dr  


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Last modified: January 01, 2013