Neighborhood Planning Unit-F

Map of NPU-F (pdf)


Monthly Meeting

3rd Monday of each month at the Hillside facility between Courtenay Dr and Monroe Dr. Access is available from 1301 Monroe Dr, opposite the CSO facility on Monroe. Parking is available at the rear of the building off Monroe Dr.

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Variance and Zoning Cases

Variance Cases Zoning Cases/Beltline SAP's
V-12-171 938 E Rock Springs Rd BL-12-045  1879 Piedmont Ave
V-12-194 1189 Reeder Cir BL-12-046 1896 Piedmont Rd
V-12-196 1814 Windermere Dr U-13-001 Anslet Golf Club SUP
V-12-199 950 Cardova Dr U-13-001 Ansley Golf Club Drawing
V-12-201 898 Kings Court Z-13-013 Clermont Hotel Rezoning
V-12-209 815 San Antonio Dr U-13-011 Clermont Hotel
V-12-210 1178 WIndermere Dr Z-13-015 1175-1185 Sheridan Rd

Sheridan Rd PDH Plan

 Revised Site Plan

Final Site Plan

V-12-216 642 Park Dr BL-13-014 1684 Monroe Dr
V-12-217 842 Highland Terrace BL-13-023 Ottley Dr
V-13-002 1026 Bellevue Dr SAP-13-078 Food Truck Wednesday North Highland
V-13-008 1647 N Pelham Rd BL-13-008 Monroe & Piedmont
V-13-013 1219 Pasadena Ave SD-13-108 11 Lebanon Dr
V-13-017 617 Cresthill Ave BL-13-37 225 Ottley
V-13-019 1049 N Virginia Ave  
V-13-021 960 Highland Terrace  
V-13-022 1029 Bellevue Dr  
V-13-027 988 Lanier Blvd  
V-13-028 750 Drewry St  
V-13-029 1893 Piedmont (Church of Happy Science)  
V-13-030 896 Cumberland Rd  
V-13-033 984 Lanier Blvd  
V-13-034 2125 Piedmont Rd  
V-13-038 880 Drewry St  
V-13-050 1145 Ponce de Leon  
V-13-055 686 Sherwood Rd  
V-13-072 1575 Piedmont Rd  
V-13-077 770 Greenwood   
V-13-087 1025 Amsterdam  
V-13-089 1355 Middlesex Ave  
V-13-091 1384 Middlesex Ave  
V-13-092 882 Highland Terrace  
V-13-093 554 Orme Circle  
V-13-099 1062 Maryland Ave  
V-13-116 848 Highland Ter

Appeal Document

V-13-132 1676 Homestead  
V-13-133 1066 N Virginia   
V-13-135 1706 N Pelham  
V-13-139 960 Highland Terrace  
V-13-141 680 Drewry St  
V-13-142 643 Cooledge Ave  
V-13-151 1145 Briarcliff Pl  
V-13-157 1374 Monroe Dr  
V-13-165 765 Highland Terrace  
V-13-166 1237 Lanier Blvd  
V-13-174 1112 Amsterdam Ave  
V-13-179 1077 Lanier Blvd  
V-13-180 962 Rosedale Rd  
V-13-181 1372 Northview Ave  
V-13-189 1742 Helen Dr  
V-13-191 1425 Dutch Valley Pl Amended  
V-13-203 1340 Lanier Blvd  
V-13-207 940 Lindbergh  
V-13-213 881 Adair Amended  
V-13-218 1415 Lanier Pl  
V-13-227 1671 Homestead Ave  
V-13-231 911 Wildwood Rd  
V -13-234 1148 N Highland Ave  
V-13-238 990 Bellevue Dr  
V-13-243 670 Park Dr  
V-13-247 906 Highland Terrace  
V-13-254 1229 Beech Valley Rd  
V-13-256 932 Highland View  
V-13-257 926 Highland View  
V-13-258 706 Cumberland Cir  
V-13-261 1450 Monroe Dr  
V-13-263 1825 Charline Ave  


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