Neighborhood Planning Unit-F

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Monthly Meeting

3rd Monday of each month at the Hillside facility between Courtenay Dr and Monroe Dr. Access is available from 1301 Monroe Dr, opposite the CSO facility on Monroe. Parking is available at the rear of the building off Monroe Dr.

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2014 Variance and Zoning Cases

Variance Cases Zoning Cases/Beltline SAP's
V-13-254 1229 Beech Valley Rd SD-14-002 1369 Wessington & 1344 N Highland
V-13-256 932 Highland View BL-14-08 1512 Piedmont Rd

Domestic Front Comfort Improvements

V-13-257 926 Highland View Z-13-056 Druid Hills Baptist Church
V-13-258 706 Cumberland Cir BL-14-003 594 Wimbledon Rd
V-13-261 1450 Monroe Dr Z-14-028 2067 Manchester St
V-13-263 1825 Charline Ave Z-14-041 1791 Piedmont Rd  

Site Plan

V-13-264 968 Glen Arden Way Z-14-047 2573 Lenox Rd (NPU-B)
V-13-265 976 Adair 

Site Plan

SAP-14-139 2350 Cheshire Bridge

Site Plan

V-13-270 1373 Lanier Blvd Z-14-055 1518 Monroe & 1529 Piedmont

Z-14-055 Site Plan

CPD-14-23 CPD Amendment

V-13-277 1735 Johnson Rd Z-14-63 Spring Valley Annexation
V-13-284 1038 St Charles Ave BL-14-039 150 Ottley
V-13-288 1437 N Morningside  
V-14-004 750 San Antonio Dr  
V-14-005 1055 Amsterdam Ave  
V-14-010 1370 Monroe Dr  
V-14-012 959 Todd Rd  
V-14-014 1146 Ponce de Leon Ave  
V-14-021 1850 Lenox Rd  
V-14-018 644 Cumberland Cir  
V-14-022 483 Montgomery Ferry   
V-14-031 669 Elmwood Dr  
V-14-035 959 Todd Rd (Appeal)  
V-13-063 1269 Lanier Blvd  
V-14-067 869 Virginia Circle  
V-14-084 968 Virginia Ave NE  
V-14-091 815 Drewry St  
V-14-093 855 Arlington Pl  
V-14-096 786 Virginia Cir  
V-14-107 1394 Lanier Pl  
V-14-114 1686 Noble Dr  
V-14-115 1048 Cumberland Rd  
V-14-117 1221 Monroe Dr  
V-14-123 571 Orme Cir  
V-14-134 1089 Lanier Blvd  
V-14-139 1217 Beech Valley Rd  
V-14-141 885 Adair Ave  
V-14-143 1791 Piedmont Rd  
V-14-153 700 Park Dr  
V-14-158 862 Ponce Pl  
V-14-182 894 Kings Ct.   
V-14-184 1740 Meadowdale

Site Plan

V-14-185 1249 Lanier Blvd

Site Plan

V-14-191 1418 N Morningside  
V-14-165 780 Ponce de Leon Terrace  
V-14-197 657 Cresthill Ave  
V-14-198 1085 Lindbergh Dr  
V-14-200 841 Virginia Cir  
V-14-205 1271 Avalon Pl  
V-14-213 815 Drewry St  
V-14-219 1739 Cheshire Bridge Rd (Appeal)   
V-19-223 1372 Northview Ave  
V-14-224 886 Arlington Pl  
V-14-229 787 Greenwood  
V-14-236 694 Yorkshire Rd   
V-14-241 1771 Flagler Ave   
V-14-244 995 Adair Ave   
V-14-247 852 Arlington Pl  
V-14-249 648 Cooledge Ave   
V-14-255 862 Arlington Pl  
V-14-256 866 Arlington Pl   
V-14-257 1167 Rosedale Dr

Site Plan

V-14-258 898 Barnett St

Site Plan

V-14-259 776 Yorkshire Rd  
V-14-262 919 Drewry  
V-14-263 1143 University Dr (Rev)

Site Plan

V-14-265 678 Yorkshire Dr  
V-14-267 780 Crestridge Dr  
V-14-268 1069 Hudson Dr  
V-14-272 706 Virginia Ave  
V-14-277 673 Cresthill Ave


V-14-279 822 Sherwood Rd  
V-14-281 629 Cresthill Ave  
V-14-284 927 Kings Court  
V-14-287 2416 Cheshire Bridge Rd 
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