Neighborhood Planning Unit-F

Map of NPU-F (pdf)


Monthly Meeting

3rd Monday of each month at the Hillside facility between Courtenay Dr and Monroe Dr. Access is available from 1301 Monroe Dr, opposite the CSO facility on Monroe. Parking is available at the rear of the building off Monroe Dr.

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Variance and Zoning Cases

Variance Cases Zoning Cases/Beltline SAP's
V-14-257 1167 Rosedale Dr

Site Plan

Z-14-076 685 Lambert Dr
V-14-258 898 Barnett St

Site Plan

U-15-001 1492 Piedmont Rd
V-14-268 1069 Hudson Dr 1202 McLynn Land Use

CDP Caption

V-14-278 1386 Mayson St BL-15-023 165 Ottley 
V-14-287 2416 Cheshire Bridge Rd 
Part A
Part B 
CT-15-008 1338 Evelyn St
V-14-291 1490, 1492, 1510 Piedmont Rd Z-15-019 1866 N Rock Springs Rd
V-14-294 1455 Lanier Blvd Z-15-031 2050 Cheshire Bridge Rd
V-14-295 1785 Meadowdale Ave BL-15-32 269 Armour Dr
V-14-300 914 Highland View CDP-15-17 2050 Cheshire Bridge Rd
V-14-301 1370 Monroe Dr BL-15-045 218 Ottley Dr
V-14-302 1288 N Morningside Dr Z-15-050 Elizabeth Ann Lane 
V-14-305 1158 Lanier Blvd U-15-013 Ansley Golf Club
V-15-009 1560 N Morningside

Site Plan   Elevation

BL-15-059 680 Drewry

Part1  Part 2  Part 3  Elevation   Site Plan

V-15-013 1801 Wellbourne  
V-15-027 1121 University Dr  
V-15-041 789 Ponce de Leon  
V-15-042 830 Highland Terrace

Variance Graphics

V-15-045 1143 University Dr  
V-15-047 887 Amsterdam

Referral Certificate

V-15-049 1944 Lebanon Dr  
V-15-050 739 Wildwood Pl  
V-15-061 665 Cooledge

Site Plan

V-15-070 785 Crestridge  
V-15-074 1112 Hudson Dr  
V-15-075 956 N Highland Ave  
V-15-084 940 Adair Ave  
V-15-091 661 Cresthill Ave  
V-15-094 1087 McLynn   
V-15-097 1022 Rosewood   
V-15-098 953 Glen Arden   
V-15-099 621 Cresthill Ave  
V-15-106 633 Sherwood Rd  
V-15-107 949 Virginia Cir  
V-15-110 1025 N Virginia Ave  
V-15-111 1007 Lindridge Way  
V-15-124 857 Ponce de Leon Pl  
V-15-129 895 Adair Ave  
V-15-135 1116 N Highland Ave

Site Plan

V-15-149 650 Courtenay Dr  
V-15-150 1769 Monroe Dr  
V-15-155 1845 Piedmont Rd  
V-15-156 630 Cresthill Ave  
V-15-162 625 Cresthill Ave  
V-15-172 1218 Lanier Blvd  

V-15-174 2318 Strathmore Dr

V-15-177 755 Elkmont Dr  
V-15-178 1131 Zimmer Dr  
V-15-179 2125 Piedmont Rd  
V-15-180 750 WIldwood Rd  
V-15-192 1984 Kilburn Dr  
V-15-194 800 N Highland Dr  
V-15-196 1442 N Morningside   
V-15-199 486 Rock Springs Rd  
V-15-204 685 Amsterdam Ave  
V-15-207 661 Cresthill Ave  
V-15-213 1732 Monroe Dr  
V-15-223 823 Highland Tr  
V-15-226 690 HillpineDr  
V-15-229 975 Drewry St  
V-15-255 683 Cumberland   
V-15-260 1476 N Highland Ave  
V-15-261 1825 Homestead Ave  
V-15-265 810 Cumberland Rd  
V-15-267 1096 Rosedale Dr  
V-15-276 636 Cresthill   
V-15-277 965 Drewry St  
V-15-316 793 Highland Terrace  
V-15-330 1695 Noble Dr  
V-15-331 1227 Spring Valley Ln  
V-15-332 1206 Cumberland Rd  
V-15-337 774 Greenwood Ave  
V-15-344 1206 Cumberland Rd  
V-15-348 1165 University Ave

Site Plan

V-15-349 920 Highland Terrace  
V-15-352 929 Cumberland Rd  
V-15-374 975 Rupley Dr  
V-15-375 1367Northview Ave  
V-15-378 111 E Rock Springs   
V-15-382 1301 N Highland

Site Plan

V-15-383 635 Park Dr
Site Plan and Drawings
V-15-384 1046 Vance Ave  


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