Land Use Policy

NPU-F Comprehensive Development Plan Policies

Adopted by NPU-F July 18, 2016 NPU-F Comprehensive Development Plan Policies

F-1: Protect the historic integrity and single-family character of the Atkins Park, Edmund Park, Lindridge Martin Manor, Morningside-Lenox Park, Piedmont Heights and Virginia-Highland neighborhoods and the low density residential character of the St. Charles-Greenwood neighborhoods. Attempted assemblages of single family properties and rezoning’s of such assemblages to higher density residential, commercial or mixed use categories should be rejected.

F-2: Noting the underutilization of property throughout the NPU which is currently zoned for denser development, new development should be focused on these properties which already support denser development, and lower density properties should not be rezoned to higher density categories.

F-3: Consolidate strip commercial uses in order to create unified development having a minimum number of curb cuts. Discourage the occurrence of further strip development on Ponce de Leon Avenue, Monroe Drive, Piedmont Avenue, and Cheshire Bridge Road.

F-4: Contain the small commercial districts along North Highland Avenue and Virginia Avenue within existing boundaries. Discourage uses having parking requirements that would adversely impact adjacent single-family and low-density residential neighborhoods.

F-5: Preserve the single family neighborhoods in NPU F and provide density, height, and design guidelines, in particular, where applicable, parking deck screening requirements, to act as appropriate buffers between diverse land uses that serve to protect the character and livability of existing single-family residential neighborhoods.

F-6: Support low density residential land uses with a density of 1-8 units per acre along Ponce de Leon and Briarcliff where it is adjacent to single family residential uses.

F-7: Retain all CDP per acre unit density caps currently in the CDP in NPU F.

F-8: Encourage a balanced mix of uses to promote mobility and foster pedestrian access. Encourage development consistent with the existing zoning designations, and without any increase in density along NPU F arterial streets of Ponce de Leon and Piedmont Avenues and collector streets of Monroe Drive and Cheshire Bridge Road that is pedestrian-oriented and provides neighborhood services.

F-9: Protect and retain the residential character of Piedmont Avenue and Monroe Drive, including where currently zoned single family, such single family designations.

F-10: Create appropriate connectivity between new mixed-use developments and surrounding neighborhoods and parks, particularly connectivity to the Beltline.

F-11: Encourage pedestrian mobility by completing the sidewalks throughout the NPU and upgrading and adding crosswalks. Improve pedestrian amenities such as street trees and wide sidewalks to further encourage pedestrian travel. Encourage safe and responsible driving patterns throughout the NPU through implementation of traffic calming measures, rush hour traffic restrictions and enforcement of speed limits. Take into account new mapping and guidance technologies (e.g. Waze), when implementing both traffic calming measures and rush hour traffic restrictions.

F-12: Maintain commercial uses in areas designated as Low Density Commercial and not support High Density Residential uses in the areas designated Low Density Commercial.

F-13: Preserve existing Open Space.

F-14: Given the cumulative detrimental effect of significant development within NPU F over the last 5 years without any expansion of transit, recognize that transit facilities, in particular transit on the Beltline must be constructed concurrently with any further redevelopment within NPU F generally, and in particular within Subarea 6 of the Beltline Overlay District.

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